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Cherry's Reviews

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Name: Cherry

Service: Escort Service

Date: 2nd of Jan 2015


First I booked her for short time then, then I increased time, after she left I missed her company so much then next day or one day after I booked her again for 12 hrs, she was my almost first experience and the best one. Then my bad luck whenever I came to Bangkok at that time she was never available and I was afraid of having a new experiment.

Length of booking: Medium-Time

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Name: Cherry

Service: Escort Service

Date: 14th of Nov 2014


Hello Mickey,

I just wanted to let you know that Cherry was excellent!

She is a genuine, sweet, very attentive and sensual girl. Good sense of humour, and gave a great massage also. This girl is a keeper!

Thank you again...

Length of booking: 1 Day

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Name: Cherry

Service: Escort Service

Date: 2nd of Oct 2014


Hi Mickey

had a good time with Cherry last night. Thanks for your arrangement.

[Note: Client had originally selected another girl and included 2 others as backup just in case. All three had clients. I then sent him a list of who was available that day but bookings were coming in as we were talking and by time he selected we had only 1 girl available in Bangkok (Cherry) as all the others had clients. He agreed to see Cherry.]

Length of booking: Short-Time

Would you recommend Cherry to other clients? yes

Would you hire Cherry again? yes

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